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  • Sun
    8:30 amMeeting Point: Guildford Train Station Carpark

    Bell's rapids is on the (Upper) Swan River and is a popular place for dog walking and kayaking. The walk I would like to take you on crosses the Bells Rapids Bridge, follows the Pilgrim Trail along the Swan River to Walyunga National Park and then returns in a loop via a series of fire breaks.
    I think that this is the most beautiful and scenic walk proximal to Perth. The river is beautiful, there are rocky outcrops, pockets of different trees, thousands of Grass Trees,views up Avon Valley, views over Perth City, Grey Kangaroos (and brown ones) and lots of birdlife (assorted ducks, pigeons, eagles). The other great thing is that the area is not in a National Park and is dog friendly.
    The walk should be completed in about 4 hours, longer than expected for a 6km walk but it is moderately challenging and there is a 200m ascent and descent.
    Unfortunately, the walk will take us across some very exposed areas and if there is wind and rain it will not be as pleasant and will be very cold. If heavy rain is forecast, we will have to possibly postpone to the following week.

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  • Sun
    8:30 amTBA
  • Fri
    14:00pmJurien Bay

    The annual weekend trip is upon us and an exciting adventure awaits us.
    This trip sees us travelling north this time to the beautiful seaside village of Jurien Bay (approx 270km - 3 hrs) along the spectacular Indian Ocean Drive. The weekend is set for Friday, August 25th to morning of Monday 28th.
    Accommodation is chalet style at the Jurien Bay Tourist Park. It's situated just opposite the bay and very close to the town centre and the Bakery. It's clean, modern and all linen is supplied but feel free to bring your own cumfy blankee.
    Address: 1 Roberts Street, Jurien Bay.
    Book-in time 14:00hrs.
    Cost: $170 per person - This includes accommodation and food.
    I have made enquiry as to other interesting events to do. One is a sunset cruise to the islands in the bay. For $70 each we can spend 2 hours, starting at 5pm, out in the turquoise water to see the sea lion colonies whilst enjoying nibblies and a drink while the sun sets. I think this would be an excellent way to initiate the weekend. The boat can hold 12 patrons and they will give us a discount if we book the boat outright. The Bakery will be closed at this time so it'll be a better way to spend your time. Think about it - I shall make a tally a week or so before the weekend.
    The second event/activity is to do a skydive - only 14000 ft!!!! I am certainly going to do it and some time set aside on the Saturday morning. Whilst everyone is scoffing their pasties and vanilla slices, I'll be busy pooing my pants. Hopefully I won't be the only one. The landing site is adjacent to the beach, so the team can cheer on, sipping their latte's and cappuccino's. The walk along the foreshore to the marina is worthwhile. Alternatively, the team could take a 30km trip to see the Pinnacles.
    Saturday afternoon we head to Mt Lesueur National Park and conquer (you guessed it) Mt Lesueur, which is transformed towards dusk. It is spectacular at this time of the day. It is an easy walk, probably about 50m or so, at the Mt top, is steep. The botany is amazing.
    Saturday night can be a games night.
    Sunday, we get the chance to be real CAVE MEN - yeah! We can have a leisurely breakfast, before travelling north to Grigson's Lookout (maybe after visiting the Bakery first).
    From the lookout, we continue north and turn inland towards the Stockyard Gully Caves. We can use our street cars to the start of the 4WD track and park. It is about 4-5 km walk to the caves (easy). We will have plenty of time to explore - get friendly with the cows, check out the plants/flowers, polish off whatever's left from the Bakery. I anticipate we'll spend a lot of time in the caves. Lunch at the caves. We need to bring water.
    On the way back to Jurien, we can call in to Sandy Point and make it back in time in Jurien for dinner.
    You may have noticed I mentioned the Bakery a few times!!!

    So, in summary:-
    Accommodation at the Jurien Bay Tourist Park.
    There will be 3 queen size beds and these will be reserved for the couples and single beds for everyone else. It's first in, best dressed.
    $170 for each individual to be paid in full by the end of business, 16th August 2017 - this is the cut off point for final numbers.
    Money is to be paid directly into:
    WA Wanderers bank account.
    BSB 036-067
    Acc 494169
    Please quote your name as reference.

    A week prior to the weekend, I shall put out more information about what to bring and seek the interest for the cruise and skydive options.
    So come along. The only essential is a smile........

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  • Sun
    8:30 amGuildford Train Station Carpark

    This 14-kilometre trail meanders through the coastal plain vegetation, passing by historic bunkers and offering panoramic views from the sea to the scarp. The limestone outcrops punctuate the extensive wildflower displays in spring. Kangaroo sightings are almost a certainty in the early morning and evening.


    Meeting at Clarkson Train Station, south end near Neerabup Road at 9am. Look for red Ford with RO rego.

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  • Sun
    8:30 amMeeting Point: Guildford Train Station Carpark

    Walk Leader: Ro
    This is an easy 8.2km walk. Attractions are the old railway tunnel, Hovea falls and the abandoned Hovea train station. The walk is recommended for spring. Details here http://www.railwayreserves.com.au/Documents/Railway%20Reserves%20Heritage%20Trail%20brochure.pdf

    As usual, bring 2 litres of water, a picnic lunch, sun protection and rain gear just in case.

    This is a walk we have done before in 2011 and everyone enjoyed it. Don't miss out.

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  • Sun
    8:30 amMeeting Point: Guildford Train Station Carpark

    Bilya Walk Track, Toodyay
    The Toodyay Bakery has been named as making the best pasties in Australia two years in a row.
    On Sunday 19th November we will meet at the Guildford Railway Station from 8.30 am and car pool for a 9 am departure for the 70km drive to Toodyay.
    We will regroup at the bakery where we will get the chance to sample the goodies available and take in the ambience of the historic town.
    The Bilya Walk Trail is a great walk trail taking in the banks of the Avon River through Toodyay. There is a grand array of bird life and scenic vistas of the Avon RIver.
    Bilya means river in Noongar language. The Avon River (Gulgulga Bilya) is a place of great cultural significance to the Ballardong people.
    The Bilya Walk Track follows the Avon river for 7.2 km from Duigee Park to Nardie Cemetery. The Bird Hide, situated at Red Banks Pool, Lloyd Reserve, attracts many bird lovers and passers-by along the track can not help but pause to admire its design, peer through its windows to the river and read the attractive and informative posters depicting some of the common bird life in the area.
    The Bilya Track is an easy walk and we will return along it to our parked cars making it a 14km stroll. We will be get the chance to cross the river if we wish and there should still be ample water for a swim should we strike a hot November day.

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