To join WA Wanderers as a member you need to be on our mailing list so that you can be informed of upcoming walks. You will then have to attend any of our events where you can sign up as either a full member ($25) for the year or pay a temporary membership fee ($5) for the day.
To join our mailing list follow this link:

The purpose of membership fees is to provide insurance for all participants as well as to cover website, phone and admin costs. WA Wanderers is a not for profit organisation.

Calendar Year:
• Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year.
• All members complete and sign the membership form in person at renewal time at the start of each walking year in January, or whenever you join throughout the year.
Fee Structure:
• Annual Membership is $25 for the period January to December.
• Non-Members before the start of a walk pays a temporary membership fee of $5 per event, this fee covers your insurance for the event.
For Each walk:
All Non-Members to sign our Acknowledgement of Risk Form before the start of each event.
• Fully Paid Members complete the membership application/renewal form once a year and sign the register at each event.